Horse Videos

Horse Videography, personal or Commercial

As a happy horse owner myself I love to see the special connection between horse and human. I take video (and photo) footage of you and your horse with my professional Canon 500D, 70D and GoPro cameras. I will follow you with my camera while grooming, saddling to riding and after to capture the special bond you have with your horse. After finishing the shoot, I will carefully select the best videos and start editing. The best clips will be put together to create a special personal film, with nice transitions, cool features and appropriate music to bring over the emotional side of the connection between you and your horse. The video doesn’t have to be horse related, I have more examples that are non horsy!

Personal Videography

Commercial Videography

Information about the shoot and video making:
-A video shoot will take about 2 hours.
-The location of the shoot can be anywhere you would prefer (at home, at a competition, during a lesson, while hacking etc.)
-The actual editing of the film will take three to four weeks before finished.


(first 20 miles from Dartford free, after that a 50p per mile charge will be applied).

Price is for a 3 min video.

Other option – send your own footage  Send us your photo and video footage of training, special moments and competitions with your horse. You can also let Videos Memories create your promotional horse videos. Check our Demo horse videos below to get an idea of how the training, competition or promotional video will look like.

Prices for videos using your own footage

Prices £50 for a 1 minute video, £60 for a two minute video & £70 for a three minute video (+£10 for every minute)